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New Bike: UNNO Bikes

Not many people know about a bike brand named Unno Bikes. Sure, because they are really new brand in the mountain biking industry. But wait, they are new that's fact, but please take a closer look of their bikes. Yes, they have some good bikes, spread in various models - full suspension and also hardtail, with carbon framed material. Ready? Let's check them out.

More detail, Unno Bikes builds two cross country bikes which is a hardtail and short full suspension bike, the popular 27.5 160 mm travel bike, 130 mm 29er full suspension, and a hardcore downhill bike. Different than another bike brands, Unno chooses Europe to produce the frame rather than in Asia. Unno claims that their frame is the combination between strenght and comfort. And below are their bikes. And they haven't name already yet. 

Unno Hardtail 29er Cross Country Bike

Probably one of the lightest hardtail in the world. As captured in the picture above which has medium size, is about 790 gram. But as said above that they have two cross country bike, a hardtail and a full suspension bike, here is the hardtail one. This hardtail has 67 degree head angle, 440 reach that will be good with 50 to 60 mm stem.

Unno 29er Trail Bike

Unno also build a 29er trail bike with 130 mm travel bike, but it also work with 140 mm travel. The bike has 455 mm reach. It has two link option that placed under the bottom bracket, and this link will be change the frame geometry to be slacker.

Unno Enduro 27.5

With all of those bikes, Unno won't forget about the most popular mountain bike scene, the Enduro. And Unno build an enduro machine, with 160 mm travel fork and 27.5 wheels. It has 65 degree up front, and 455 reach to be combined with 30 mm stem. The fullbike of this enduro bike takes 12.39 gram, pretty light.

Unno Downhill Bike

And this is their beast, 200 mm travel downhill bike with very good looking. This downhill bike has the most different suspension system with another bikes. The top tube is looking thin from the side but it looks awesome. The cable route is normal outside the tube, such a dfferent decision while another bikes build a bike with internal route.

There's no review about the bike yet, but sure the bike will be reviewed sooner because this brand gets big attention. So, let's wait for the review! (pic -
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New Bike: Canyon Strive 2017

Canyon, one of the most popular bike brands just released one of their most popular bikes, even one of the best bikes on the market. Canyon Strive, now is ready for the 2017, surely with update and better performance. What's new, then? The geometry gets better for the 2017 model, and will be available in four different sizes, start from XS to XL.
Another things to watch, the Strive 2017 will get the latest parts, which also the best parts to support its performance. Said it, SRAM Eagles 1x12 speed, at least three of four models will get the Eagles. The price range is € 3,799 to € 5,499. But let's check the Canyon Strive CF 9.0 2017 Race Team first. 

Canyon Strive CF 2017 Race Team Specs
Fork: RockShox Lyrik RCT3, 160 mm
Rear shock: RockShox Monarch Plus RC3
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Eagle
Brakes: SRAM Guide Ultimate
Wheels: Mavic Deemax Pro
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb Stealth 150 mm
Price: 5.499 €

Another things to watch, Canyon also build the new Strive 2017 in aluminum frame for those who want to get best performance but get only limited budget. The full bike of the Strive aluminum framed is range between € 2,500 and € 3,699. There are few models of the new Strive 2017, both in carbon version and also aluminum version.
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New Bike: Propain Rage CF Carbon DH Bike

Propain finally updates their downhill bike, the Rage in full carbon framed to follow their previous carbon bike Tyee CF. The Propain Rage CF previously seen in Eurobike 2016 event and get big attention from the fans. Propain Rage CF offers several sizes, three different top tubes lenghts, two different chainstay lenghts. And the frame can be adjusted depends on the riders, riding style, and also the track.
But this Propain Rage CF will be available in "First Edition" for pre-order and offered for €4,999 in an exclusive color. Like said above, that the Rage CF can be adjusted based on the riders and track, and also riding style. Propain said that this is the result from input from their World Cup riders.
• Carbon monocoque main frame
• Unique reach adjustment (+10 mm / 0 mm / -10 mm)
• Chain stay length adjustment (445 mm / 459 mm)
• Internal cable routing (optimized not to interfere with a race plate)
• Combined fork bumper and cable routing
• Durable and strong down tube protection made of durable plastic material
• Exchangeable ISCG mount to protect the frame against heavy impacts
• New, future proof metric sized shock (250x75mm)
• Threaded BSA bottom bracket 

• Fork: Fox 40 Factory 
• Shock: ]Fox Float X2 Factory
• Drivetrain: Sram X01 DH 1x7
• Crankset: Sram X01 DH Carbon
• Brakes: Magura MT7 First Edition
• Wheels: Zelvy Carbon DH 35
• Handlebar: Sixpack Millenium Carbon 785
• Stem: Sixpack Millenium 35
• Seat Post: Sixpack Forward
• Saddle: Sixpack Kamikaze
• Tyres: Onza Ibex DHC 650B
• Frame Sizes: S/M and L/XL
• Weight: 15.1kg
• Price: € 4,999
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Interbike 2016: New Enduro Bikes Parade

After we take a short tour to the Interbike 2016 with these two bikes - Alchemy Arktos and Patrol 672, now we have more bikes to see. Here at Interbike 2016, most companies show their latest bikes and some of them are upgraded version of their previous, but some are completely new. So, let's check them.

Norco is ready for 2017 with their most popular bikes - the Aurum, Range, and Sight. Except that they have got the latest parts, they also get new color scheme to make them more fresh. For their DH monster the Aurum, Norco offers both frame only option and also complete build. They also build the Aurum in carbon and aluminum. The Aurum price is about $2,699 to $7,299. The aluminum version will be priced at $2,899 to $3,399.

Their Range, comes in aluminum only and it will be priced around $2,599 to $3,799. This 160mm travel bike is also equipped with high end parts to support its performance. While the Sight, which is a trail bike, gets 140 mm travel and the highest version of the new Sight is about $3,799.

Fuji maybe is not a big player on mountain biking, but they are already updated their line up for 2017 season, the Auric and Rakan. The Auric now gets high parts such as Rockshox Lyrik and also carbon crank. The geometry is still same with the previous but they updated it with the new bars and stem, and new parts. The Auric will be priced at $4,749.

Fuji also build the new Rakan 29er and Rakan 27,5+ version. The 29 version Rakan will be priced around $4,949 and it will be equipped with Fox suspension and SRAM drivetrain. While the Rakan 27,5+ is cheaper than its 29er version. The 27,5+ Rakan will be priced about $2,499. It also equipped with Fox suspension and SRAM drivetrain.

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Interbike 2016: Alchemy Arktos and Patrol 672

Interbike 2016 just began after the Eurobike 2016. The Interbike 2016 event be held in Las Vegas. Some new bikes that has not shown in Eurobike 2016 appears here. So, let's start with these two new bikes - Alchemy Arktos and Patrol 672. This is not Transition Patrol, but only Patrol, yes Patrol, a brand new company that start to enter the mountain biking worldwide.

Alchemy Arktos is one of the most interesting enduro bike today, but it comes in a bit high price. The frame - front triangle is carbon and made in United States, while the rear triangle comes from Asia. One of the most interesting part of the bike is the suspension system, which is called Sine Suspension - a bit similar with Switch Infinity's Yeti. This 150 mm of rear travel bike comes in $3,799 with Fox Float X Shock.
Alchemy Arktos Details
• Intended use: trail / all-mountain
• Travel: 150mm
• 27.5" wheels
• Carbon frame
• 66.5° head angle
• 438mm chainstay length
• 12 x 148mm rear spacing
• Sizes S, M, L, XL
• Frame price w/ shock: $2,999 USD
• Made in Asia
So what's different with this Arktos? It is said that this Interbike 2016 Arktos is less expensive but what do you think? The frame will be available in yellow and blue color - they said yin-yang color.

This is not Transition Patrol, but only Patrol. Patrol is another Indonesian brand that trying to enter the world mountain bike. Their bikes are spread from cross country to downhill. But now we will see their all mountain/enduro bike, the Patrol 672. This is the update version of their previous 672 version.

Patrol 672 Details
• Intended use: all-mountain / enduro
• Rear wheel travel: 160mm
• Wheel size: 27.5''
• Aluminum frame
• Internal cable routing
• ISCG 05 chain guide tab

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Eurobike 2016: New Shoes Parade

As mountain biking sport starts to be one of stylish kind of sports, some apparel brands are using the Eurobike 2016 moment to show up their new products. Shimano, noted as one of the most productive company as they release various products, from bike components to bike apparels. The riders now have various choices for them to look more stylish.


Ion is releasing several new shoes, the Rascal and also The Raid Amp. The Ion Rascal is specially made for enduro riders. The Rascal is using velcro strap and has assymetric design. The Rascal is also available as clipless, so the riders can choose which one is suitable for them. Ion Rascal is priced at 140 Euro. 

Ion Raid Amp is a way cheaper than the Rascal, with 120 Euro and it's a flat shoes. It has rubber from Suplest, a Swiss company. 


Shimano AM Shoes is very popular shoes out there, but in this Eurobike 2016 event, they brings two new shoes to the event. The first is Shimano ME7, which is specially build for aggressive riders - from enduro to downhill. The new ME7 is usng Michellin rubber and Velcro cover. The Shimano ME7 is priced about $200. Another new shoes from Shimano is Shimano AM5, which is really brand new shoes. It comes with camo color scheme that make it looks awesome. 


Like Shimano, Mavic is also big company that build various goods on mountain biking sport. Their wheels are awesome, but their shoes also amazing. In this Eurobike 2016, Mavic releases two shoes, the Mavic DeeMax Pro, which retails about 189 Euro. With the same name as their popular downhill wheels, the shoes also gets same color patterns. While the DeeMax Elite (140 Euro) has colorful appearance and it's not as stiff as its Pro DeeMax. 
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Eurobike 2016: New Dropper Post Parade

Since its first appearance, dropper post becomes one of the important parts in mountain biking sports, especially enduro riding. In today's Eurobike 2016, there are several new dropper post. Let's take a look closer to them. 

E*Thirteen is one of the fastest growing company for providing goods for mountain biking. They make various parts such as wheelset, cranks, and also now dropper post with TRS Plus. The TRS Plus post is available in two size 30,9 mm and 31,6 mm diameters, and 590 grams lightweight.

The post now is shown in Eurobike 2016 event but the post will be available for the fans in January 2017. What about the price? E*Thirteen gives it a price $279 USD, such a good value. Besides a dropper post, they also release 11 speed TRS Race Cassette.

X-Fusion has already dropper post product with Hilo, but once again they build new dropper post, the Manic Dropper Post. This is really new dropper post, and like no other, the New Manic will be priced at $199, such really good value.

• Travel: 125mm 
• Replaceable sealed cartridge
• New ultra-adjustable remote
• Actuation linkage to reduce lever force
• Reduced overall length compared to Hilo
• Internal cable routing
• Sizes: 30.9 and 31.6mm 
• Availability: October 2016
• Weight: 630-grams
• MSRP: $199 USD

Many people said that Shimano is too late to enter in dropper post competition, as usual, but really? With under their brand, Pro Components, Shimano launches Koryak Dropper Post, a really really new dropper post. We all knew that Shimano is popular because its quality in each products. But, what about the Koryak?

• Construction: Anodized aluminum shaft and body, rebuildable seal-head, keys and bushings, single-bolt, zero-offset saddle clamp
• One-piece replaceable air/hydraulic cartridge
• Travel: 120mm, infinite-adjustment range
• Cable actuated mechanism, using Shimano's Optislick wires and housing
• Internal cable routing
• Remote levers: Universal vertical lever, or I-Spec II compatible horizontal "Firebolt" style option
• Diameter options: 30.9mm or 31.6mm
• Claimed weight: 520 grams, including cable assembly and remote lever
• Available: October/November, 2016

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