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New Bike: Polygon Sam Reynolds Prototype

Most people know that Sam Reynolds of Polygon UR Team has been riding a hardtail for several time, but at the Crankworx Les 2 Alpes 2015 event, the Englishman may not riding his hardtail anymore as Polygon gives him a new full suspension slopestyle prototype. The Sam Reynolds' Polygon Prototype is a 100 mm travel bike. This will be interesting how Sam rides a full suspension bike for the slopestyle event.

As the bike is looking awesome, the bad news about this prototype is that Polygon does not have plan to build this prototype as mass production. So, this prototype will only be used by Sam Reynolds, at least for now. Another thing that make this bike is special is the usage of BOS rear shock; they are pretty rare to give a slopestyle a rear shock. But that's normal because Polygon UT Teams runs with BOS Suspension.

Another things about this Sam Reynolds Polygon Prototype; this bike is finished with the graphic like on the World War II fighter planes, a shark teeth. Polygon's fans maybe have to be more patience to wait this bike to be produced as public. For now, just watch the new Sam Reynolds on the Crankworx Rotorua Les 2 Alpes 2015 event with his new bike. (pinkbike.com)

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New Bike: Ghost Releases 4 New Bikes

When the day goes to the middle of the year, it's time for new bikes. Several bike companies have released their newest bikes; some are upgrade version, some are really brand new bikes. Ghost, one of the most popular brand in Europe chooses the second option; they are releasing some brand new bikes for the new season. Their bikes are three full suspension bikes and a brand new hardtail bike. All bikes will come with new geometry and carbon - aluminum frame material.


The AMR model is one of their popular model, but for the new season, Ghost re-build the AMR. And the result, the FRAMR is born. A downhill oriented sport bike, 160 mm travel in both front and rear, and come in four different spec. The two highest model will come in full carbon frame material. The Ghost FRAMR will also come in five sizes, start from XS to XL.

The information about this bike is limited, like the availability and also the price. But for the fans who want to know more about the bike, please visit ghost-bikes.com.


Another new bikes from Ghost. Basically has same geometry with the FRAMR but it has different travel, with 145 mm on the rear and 150 mm in the front. And just like the FRAMR, the SLAMR X will come in four different spec with full carbon frame material on the two highest model. It has also five different sizes.


The SLAMR has the shortest travel than its brother, despite this bike share the same geometry just like the FRAMR and SLAMR X. It has 130 mm travel both rear and front. Ghost also makes this model in many various spec; the SLAMR will come in eight different specs, five of them will get carbon frame.


The only one hardtail on the brand new Ghost's line up. Ghost claims that this bike will give the fans a fun riding with the 27,5 inch wheels. It seems that the hardtail era is once again will be back. The Asket will come in four different specs and available in five sizes. As a fun hardtail, Ghost install the 130 mm fork travel for the bike, which is more than enough for a hardtail. (pic: enduro-mtb.com)

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