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New Bike: UNNO Bikes

Not many people know about a bike brand named Unno Bikes. Sure, because they are really new brand in the mountain biking industry. But wait, they are new that's fact, but please take a closer look of their bikes. Yes, they have some good bikes, spread in various models - full suspension and also hardtail, with carbon framed material. Ready? Let's check them out.

More detail, Unno Bikes builds two cross country bikes which is a hardtail and short full suspension bike, the popular 27.5 160 mm travel bike, 130 mm 29er full suspension, and a hardcore downhill bike. Different than another bike brands, Unno chooses Europe to produce the frame rather than in Asia. Unno claims that their frame is the combination between strenght and comfort. And below are their bikes. And they haven't name already yet. 

Unno Hardtail 29er Cross Country Bike

Probably one of the lightest hardtail in the world. As captured in the picture above which has medium size, is about 790 gram. But as said above that they have two cross country bike, a hardtail and a full suspension bike, here is the hardtail one. This hardtail has 67 degree head angle, 440 reach that will be good with 50 to 60 mm stem.

Unno 29er Trail Bike

Unno also build a 29er trail bike with 130 mm travel bike, but it also work with 140 mm travel. The bike has 455 mm reach. It has two link option that placed under the bottom bracket, and this link will be change the frame geometry to be slacker.

Unno Enduro 27.5

With all of those bikes, Unno won't forget about the most popular mountain bike scene, the Enduro. And Unno build an enduro machine, with 160 mm travel fork and 27.5 wheels. It has 65 degree up front, and 455 reach to be combined with 30 mm stem. The fullbike of this enduro bike takes 12.39 gram, pretty light.

Unno Downhill Bike

And this is their beast, 200 mm travel downhill bike with very good looking. This downhill bike has the most different suspension system with another bikes. The top tube is looking thin from the side but it looks awesome. The cable route is normal outside the tube, such a dfferent decision while another bikes build a bike with internal route.

There's no review about the bike yet, but sure the bike will be reviewed sooner because this brand gets big attention. So, let's wait for the review! (pic - pinkbike.com)
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New Bike: Canyon Strive 2017

Canyon, one of the most popular bike brands just released one of their most popular bikes, even one of the best bikes on the market. Canyon Strive, now is ready for the 2017, surely with update and better performance. What's new, then? The geometry gets better for the 2017 model, and will be available in four different sizes, start from XS to XL.
Another things to watch, the Strive 2017 will get the latest parts, which also the best parts to support its performance. Said it, SRAM Eagles 1x12 speed, at least three of four models will get the Eagles. The price range is € 3,799 to € 5,499. But let's check the Canyon Strive CF 9.0 2017 Race Team first. 

Canyon Strive CF 2017 Race Team Specs
Fork: RockShox Lyrik RCT3, 160 mm
Rear shock: RockShox Monarch Plus RC3
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Eagle
Brakes: SRAM Guide Ultimate
Wheels: Mavic Deemax Pro
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb Stealth 150 mm
Price: 5.499 €

Another things to watch, Canyon also build the new Strive 2017 in aluminum frame for those who want to get best performance but get only limited budget. The full bike of the Strive aluminum framed is range between € 2,500 and € 3,699. There are few models of the new Strive 2017, both in carbon version and also aluminum version.
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